Don't Ever Be Intimidate By This Blog

I know it can be intimidating to look at sewing blogs.  Let me assure you that there is nothing professional about what is going on around here.  And if you think there is, you don't know me!  Consider the following...

This is what I sat on to take pictures for Barbie - Modest Style:

And yes, Barbie was posed against the opposite wall, standing on a potty stool:

Here is my sewing "room" by day. Confession:  It's in the back corner of the living room!  (I've taken to hiding my machine behind a box so that my three-year-old doesn't decide to give it a spin):

Sometimes at night, I transport all of my things to the kitchen. It is the only room in our rental house with overhead lighting:

 All of my fabrics, trims, and patterns are in a single cabinet:

Small people have taken over my thread drawer:

And sometimes I find my pins in the microwave:

See!  Nothing to be intimidated about here!  Clearly, sewing is not about having all of the perfect gadgets and the perfect lighting and the perfect room. (And the perfect sewing blog.)  It's about sharing in God's eternal creativity.  It's about using your brain and your heart and your own two hands!

Now that you've seen my mess, don't you feel better about your own endeavors???

You're welcome.

Now, go forth and sew.


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