Barbie - Modest Style

As promised - a post!

The latest project on my table is a small wardrobe for Barbie.  But not just any Barbie, we're talking classy Barbie.  We're talking the kind of girl Ken can bring home to meet the family.  Included in her ensemble are:

  Fifties style dress in hot red:

Yellow peasant blouse with leather belt and dark wash jeans:

Summery floral tank with linen-look cargo capris:

 Sweet pink tank with chocolate lace-trimmed skirt:

And the all-important navy sheath.  Isn't this floral chic?

A few more finishing touches today and they're in the mail to a special birthday girl.  Thanks to Lazywife for keeping the sewing fires burning around here.  (Don't worry, Ken will get something to wear too.  I can't bear to think of him in that Ice Capades outfit.)


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