One Last Project - Nursing Cover

Before packing away oodles of sewing stuff for the big move, I put together a quick gift.  It's one of those fancy smancy nursing covers.  Never owned one myself, but I noticed all of the cool kids have them.

Go to Prudent Baby for the DIY instructions. (Before trying out the DIY, check out my follow-up post.) I made it a couple of inches bigger than the dimensions they suggested because I've noticed that cute little babies grow into cute squirmy toddlers!

If you can wield an iron and sew a straight stitch, you can make one of these.  I bet you could even use stitch-witchery.

For kicks and giggles, I put together a zippered bag to hold the nursing cover.  And now I want one.

Okay....back to moving now...don't forget to sew while I'm gone.


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