No Sew Snow Solutions

Now just try to repeat that title two times fast!  We'll just say this post comes under the 'Snipper' category since there is no sewing involved.  Cheating, I know.

What the heck are these things, you ask?

Well, winter is in full swing around here, and it's a tad bit challenging to keep the kid's hands and wrists warm when they are outside playing.  That's where these puppies come in!  Take a pair of socks (I used children's socks) and pretend your child will be wearing them like mittens.  Put a tiny thumb hole in them (start with pea-sized hole and get bigger as needed) as seen above.

Next, put them on your kiddo, with their little thumbs coming out of the holes, like so:
I'm sure your child will look this excited, but pay them no mind!  Add a coat on top and voila!

Don't be fooled by this last photo.  You're not done until you put the child's real mittens over top of the 'sock mittens' and send them on their merry way.  It's pretty much the easiest and cheapest way, ever, to save your wee ones from snow covered wrists and frozen fingers.  Isn't that grand?


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