The Slipcovers Need Slipcovers {Armrest Covers}

This is the summer of dirt my friends.  There is dirt EVERYWHERE.  I. can't. even.  With kids and dogs and that revolving back door, it's nearly hopeless to stem the tide.  But still, I try! My broom and vacuum have never seen such action.

Nor have my slipcovers spent such quality time in the washing machine.

Dog 2.0.  Because who doesn't need more shedding in their life?
As you can see, I've taken to putting the couch cushions into a serviceable twin duvet cover to catch the daily dust, but quite a bit of the couch is left exposed to "the elements" and has me on my toes.  Last week, I washed that couch slipcover, and not 24 hours later, some punk kid let a muddy dog in the house and that punk dog put his mucky paws right on my freshly laundered arm rest!

FOR SHAME!  On me, I suppose.  For not making armrest covers sooner.

(30.5 weeks pregnant belly)
It was time for the babe and I to get them done.  With some extra help, of course.

Z tracing.

E. playing ponies.
For the pattern, we traced the arm rest on the couch, leaving room for the cording.  Nothing fancy.

Cut from extra slipcover fabric -- 100% cotton canvas

Serged and sewn



I haven't come up with a solution for tacking them down.  Is there a way to do it without (eventually) causing damage to the slipcover underneath?

Suggestions welcome :o).

Honestly, though, I don't really care if they're attached as long as it's easy to wash them and get on with the rest of the sweeping...and the vacuuming...and the mopping...


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