An Update of Everything.

Where have the last five months gone????
Don't ask me, I couldn't tell ya!  Or maybe I could?
Would anyone care for a general update?  A little sewing?  A little everything else?  I don't post personal stuff here usually, but when the sewing blogging gets slim, one has to acknowledge that everything else is carrying on full force.
Speaking of which...everyone should abandon social media and then resurface every half a year or so to update the public.  It makes your life seem way more interesting and exciting than it really is!
Not that life isn't exciting.  I mean, we're raising four kids over here.  Their ages are 9, 7, 5, and 3 now.  We homeschool.  (Enough said?)
Still, we've gone some places.
Rearranged the house.
Celebrated a couple of birthdays.

We finally replaced the dishwasher that broke last fall.  I don't have a picture of that one, but do I need to tell you what a significant event that can be in the life of a family of six?
February brought a major life/family/schedule change.  My husband got a job outside of the legal field.  He's doing something related (one does not just throw all of that schooling and professional experience out the window!) but he is still "out" of law.  I could not sing enough hallelujah's over that one.  Especially at four o-clock in the afternoon when he is home for the day.
Oh, and we got a dog.  Her name is Echo.  Or Echo Location, according to my son.  
I always thought that the smart person chooses the puppy in the litter that is...sleeping.  Motivated only enough to wobble over and pass out in your lap or something?
Oh contraire!
Apparently, when you have a household of wild children, you should totally pick the happiest, liveliest, friendliest creature in the bunch so that they can "keep up."  That's what the breeders told us.


We foolishly followed their advice and now we have a three-month-old pure bred female German Shepherd puppy with a very high prey drive who thinks *we* are all prey.  Needless to say, the children are getting all sorts of exercise running for their lives.

In the realm of sewing, not much is going on but I'm not too worried about that.
After the last wedding dress alteration, I took up goofing around with embroidery floss.
I've been teaching various classes for our homeschool co-op.  In the semester that I lead 3-4 grade Art Class, we delved into hand sewing.
I had them put together a small sampler (one can only do so much in five, thirty-minute classes) and they all worked enthusiastically!  Afterwards, several of the moms tracked me down to express how much their kiddos enjoyed learning to sew.

Surprisingly, the kids struggled more with the backstitch than the blanket stitch.  We also made our own little needle cases with cardstock and felt but I can't for the life of me find one to photograph.  Bummer.
At the moment there are no pressing or future sewing plans other than a wedding dress alteration I'm starting in May.  I keep my expectations low when there's a new puppy in the house and I have morning sickness.
Oh, yeah.  I'm pregnant :o).
This is a 10.5 week ultrasound picture from this morning.
If it were bigger, you could see the fingers up by his/her face, and there on the side right is a leg.  Stunning, isn't it, how early precious little babies develop?
Prayers appreciated as always :o).
See, I told you life sounds pretty exciting when you distill a half a year in a single blog post.  I don't know when I'll blog again, but hopefully sooner than later.  The preggo yucks can't last forever right?


  1. Oh Liz! I just stumbled back onto your blog after missing your name change only to discover this glorious news. My heartiest congratulations from faraway Australia! J x


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