Triceratops Cape

My four-year-old son is in a dinosaur-loving phase and requested a triceratops costume for Halloween.  Luckily for him, I had just seen a great triceratops costume in a Young Explorers catalog and was game to grant his request!
As you can see from the picture, the inspiration costume -- was a CAPE.  How brilliant!  If I did something similar, not only would he be able to wear his regular clothes underneath, but he (or a sibling) would also be able to wear the thing for years.
Score for practicality and longevity.
Naturally, I couldn't bring myself to order the triceratops ready-made.  That'd be too easy!  And rational.  Instead, I purchased three yards of that knit crushed panne velvety stuff you can buy cheap at the fabric store and had at it.
With the "help" of our friend Evelinia...
In the spirit of "let's pray this works" I sketched out some pattern pieces, hacked away at the fabric, and hoped for the best.
And it worked.

Have you ever tried to photograph a four-year-old with candy on the brain?  Impossible.  This is what you get...
...blurry phone photos!
Maybe we'll do a little photoshoot one of these days.  Or next year.  Do you think I can convince him to wear it next year?  I'm thinking costume-making is an every-other-year thing ;o).


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