Quilted Coasters

Last week I put together a set of quilted coasters as a housewarming/going away present for a friend.  I've made these same coasters for myself and they always get compliments.

I used quilting cottons and two layers of cotton batting ("warm and natural").  The edging is 1/4" double fold bias tape.

I think you get a feeling about the size a coaster should be.  An over-sized mug served as a template for mine.

I started the swirl quilting in the middle and worked my way out.  The distance between the stitch lines is about a fourth of an inch.

These six coasters used up almost three yards of binding.  I'm not sure how!  Don't look too closely at my quilting and binding work, mmmmkay?

It's definitely a good idea to choose a "top" for your coaster and sew the bias tape from that side.  Somehow the back retains a "back" look when you bind like this -- at least if you are lacking in special quilting talents, like I am!

Here is the order of construction (left to right):

 1) layer the fabrics, 2) quilt from the center out, 3) cut the final circle,
4) attach bias tape with a zigzag

I used six fabrics for this set and took care to use two different prints per coaster.

The set I made for myself had light gray stitching and light gray binding because that's what I had in my stash at the time.  It was a good look.  I also used twelve fabrics instead of six.  Never a dull moment with twelve prints to choose from ;).

A fun way to wrap these up when you are giving them away is to make a little drawstring bag out of one of the prints.  Cute presentation and practical storage for the recipient!

Ciao! ~ Liz


  1. So we moved to a new house and this kid's sling bookshelf came with and I remembered that, oh yeah, Liz did an amazing transformation on one of these.' Then, I wistfully wished I were so talented. Now,4 months later,I happened to have time to search out the name of your blog. ;) Clearly, you're still doing super cool stuff and occasionally blogging about it; and your kiddos are getting HUGE! Sean and I comment often how much less cool Facebook is without your stories. Hope you are all doing well! :)

    1. Mary you MADE. MY. DAY! I love to hear your "voice" and so miss my FB mama comrades-in-arms and their crazy kid stories and sayings.
      Yay for a new house for you! I hope it is reasonably ginormous and the bathrooms are all self-cleaning ;). Gosh, you've even had a baby since I checked out, haven't you? Do tell!


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