The Slipcovered Chair -- Grand Finale

Hey Liz, people would ask me, you finish that chair you were covering yet?

I'd grumble, grumble, grumble in reply.

I hate that chair, I'd say.  I don't even want to own it, much less sew a cover for it!

Well, I might have changed my mind you guys.

After months of procrastination, I sewed the last few seams of the slipcover and put it on the chair...and wow.  Pretty awesome.  So awesome, in fact, I'm not even going to post a picture of it right at the top of this post.  You have to see the whole she-bang from the beginning!  Come along...

Here we have the original hand-me-down chair:

(a special blend of tan microfiber, faux leather, and old school floral)

Next, the fabric:

The new cushion covers:

(Please take note of the coin-sized hole in the vinyl on the right side of this picture.)

Also, note that of these products -- and I tried them all -- hair spray worked... get out these blue pen marks:

(hard to tell in the picture, but one of my delightful offspring attacked it with a ballpoint)

The chair slipcover in progress:

This part was almost as unpleasant as the pictures documenting it.

Purchased 10 yards and used at least 8.5 of them.

The progress stopped at this point in FEBRUARY.  What is it now?  July?!

Truth be told, I got bored and disheartened trying to figure out the skirt for the chair.  Then it finally occurred to me that I didn't have to do a skirt and I could piece the front and back, hem it all of the way around, and call it good!

So I did.

It will probably always be wrinkled but frankly I don't mind.  Or rather, I don't care enough to make the wrinkles go away!

In honor of it's completion, I may have bought a celebratory throw pillow.
What can I say?  It matched my curtains.

Evie's pointing to the spot she plans to rub her next pizza face in.

Remember how I told you to take note of the little hole in the vinyl?  Since the original pictures were taken, it is no longer coin-sized:

My children take their mission of destruction seriously.


One more take of the original:

And the final product:

In the living room...

Can you even believe how different it looks from before?  A totally "new" piece of furniture.

It's showing up my couch though.  Not cool.

Perhaps my next project?

I might not be able to resist.


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    1. and by that, I assume you mean nuts ;)

  2. It looks super!! Kids sure can be destructive little boogers! (I can't believe how big Evie is!!!)


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