[Quick Fix] Mini Maxi Dress

What's that you say?  This dress is inside out and backwards?  I hadn't noticed.

The other day we were grabbing some bargains at a thrift store when my five-year-old came upon this size 10 dress and wanted it.  Well there weren't any worthwhile dresses in her size and her older sister had already found something so when I saw the $1.99 tag, I figured we could make it work.

And we did!  Only I couldn't get the five-year-old model to work with me, so these are the after pictures.  Action after pictures, if you will.

Being that she is a very small five-year-old, there was enough fabric from taking in the sides at the bodice to make the front of the straps match the dress.  

I used old polyester lace for the rest of the straps (tied to make them adjustable).

She mentioned that it is itchy so I might throw in a knit lining of some kind in the bodice. Those elastic shirred tops really are pretty uncomfortable.

She insisted on wearing it to her ballet class. Clearly it hasn't slowed her down.

ZouZou always wants something "pretty to wear" and I'm glad to find more play dresses.

Light summer sewing makes me happy.  Have you done any yet?


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