Thrifted Kid Skirt Alteration

"The Thrift Store"
There's this thrift store nearby that sells things for next to nothing and whenever I get the urge to SPEND!!!! (does the change of seasons do you in too?), I go over there and rummage through the racks of children's clothes.
Well, the other day when I was out SPENDING!!!!, I noticed a skirt in a pretty print for $0.69 and thought it might be easy enough to size down for my oldest.
It was a size 10 and I wanted it closer to a size 6.
When I opened up the side seam, I serendipitously found the original seam in the elastic.
My oldest tried it on and we determined the proper size.
I re-sewed and trimmed off the extra elastic.
Then I shoved the elastic back in and sewed the hole shut.
Knowing the "Dear daughter, please put this skirt on and pose in a lovely manner for a blog photo." approach wasn't going to work in the least, I carefully put the skirt on the top of the other clothes in her drawer to entice her to wear it sooner than later.  And she did!
She wore it all the next day and the sun was shining and she looked adorable, but what picture did I take?  An inside one with my messy house on display for all to see.
 (Yes, I am making it small for the sake of my pride!)
Perhaps I will get a better picture and replace this one.  Or I will leave it to make the rest of you feel better about your own messy houses ;).
So that's that.
As for my future sewing plans, there is not much on the docket.
A pair of jeans needs to be hemmed.
Also, I want new sheer curtains for my living room windows and can't decide if I will buy them or make them.  I would prefer cotton voile to polyester and need to see what is out there because the windows are quite wide and would require at least ten yards.
I should go to the fabric store.


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