"Pizza Party"

Looking for a fun handmade gift for a preschooler?  How about a pizza party in a bag?

Would you like some details?  How silly of me to ask -- of course you would!
~purchased items~
10" pizza pan (found here)
8 ct. clear plastic plates (from the dollar store)
20 ct. mini solo cups (from the dollar store)
1 quart plastic bags (x4)

~ made items ~
denim drawstring bag
fixings for a 6 piece pepperoni pizza
red checkered table cloth

I may or may not have put this together late at night when I was in a rush and exhausted, and my camera may or may not have died somewhere before the felt sauce got cut, but here are some photographic illustrations of the process...

Guess what type of paper-ish material is roughly the size of a 10" pan?  That's right, baby, paper towel.  Cuz I am classy like that when it comes to making patterns.

I cut 6 unbleached muslin pieces for the tops of the pizza slices and 6 tan cotton pieces for the bottoms.

The pieces were batted with thin polyester quilt batting.

1/4" seams.

Trimmed the batting out of the seam allowance. Technically the slices could have been wider at the top to account for the loss of width caused by the batting.

Cut a strip of bias from the tan fabric for the edge of the crust.
Sewed and flipped and turned under...
A finished piece:

This next picture is of the back.  My first attempt wasn't as pretty as it could have been!

I really, really, really didn't want to make a special trip to the fabric store for white felt for the cheese so I used scraps of that waterproof fabric you can buy for lining beds/making diaper pads.  The outer layer has a flannel feel and it doesn't really fray too much.  (Felt is the obvious material to use for cheese, but a thick knit would work too.)

In an act of mercy towards the mother of the child who received this gift, I sewed bunches of the "cheese" shreds together to make them less messy.

This is the end of the pics and I don't even have a shot of the pizza all made up.  Such a shame!

The rest of the {boring} details:

The pizza sauce and pepperoni were cut out of craft felt.

The drawstring bag was made out of some denim scraps.

The table cloth was a square piece of fabric hemmed with 1/4" seams.

And there you have it.


P.S.  My second "baby" turned five years old today!  Can you believe it?

Happy birthday sweet girl!



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