I'm BACK! *insert ear-to-ear grin here*


I missed you!

How have you been?  What have you been sewing?  WHERE have the days gone?

My wee little one is not so wee anymore and I have a bit more time on my hands.

{gratuitous baby picture}

{you are welcome}

I've made some plans and ordered some fabric and jumped back in with both feet.

Just like old times, ya'll.

Can you believe my trims didn't organize themselves in my absence?  As they say in the nineties sitcoms: The Nerve!

Truth be told, I hadn't pulled out my machine since my last post and I was feeling a bit rusty when I started sewing this week.  To warm up, I put some (twill tape) ties and loops on my down comforter and duvet to make them cooperate with each other.  I hate it when the corners on the comforter slip out and when the comforter puddles in the bottom.

I really wanted to replace the buttons at the bottom of the duvet with an invisible zipper but I couldn't find a zipper long enough at the store and decided to sew the overall opening smaller instead.  I don't know about you but I definitely don't need a five foot hole to get a comforter into a duvet.  At least with the smaller opening the comforter won't have as many avenues of escape!

Interesting fact #1.  When it's ten o'clock at night and you can't find any regular old dual purpose thread, serger thread will work (it's not as strong, so don't use it on anything special).

Interesting fact #2.  It will not work quite as well when the spool disintegrates.

Interesting fact #3.  Spools of white, ivory, navy, and black thread is on sale right now for $1 at Joanns.

Today, I made a brand spanking new kitchen curtain (with my $1 thread) which I regret to inform you that I didn't photograph because that would have required me to either do my dishes or to field questions about the number of empty beer cans sitting next to my sink.

I'm on the fence about the curtain.  Not the fabric, though.  I still LOVE the fabric.

When it arrived in the mail and I expressed my great delight over the print, my husband gave me the "you're a weird one" look and went off about some brown chair his mother had with bee fabric on it that he and his siblings called the "bee chair."

Thought you'd want to know that.

I also purchased some Riley Blake polka dot and chevron fabric to make curtains and such for the kids rooms but I'm waiting for my sister to send me white fabric from her wedding decorations.  She promised to send me twenty-five yards (yay!) and I'm hoping to use it for the various backings I will need.

I'm sure I'll blog all about it.

Heck, I might even post a picture of the kitchen curtain.


  1. hey!! Glad to see you :-) Your li'l munchkin has turned into a chunky monkey :-) I love it!! So happy you were able to get some sewing in ~ helps ya feel human again, huh?
    Looking forward to seeing your makes!
    (I'm not even sure how that spool did that ~ what the heck?!)

  2. Yes "feel human" - exactly right! I even started stripping wallpaper this week. It's getting crazy up in here!

    I see you finished the quilt for your husband -- a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Can't wait to see your genius at work with the red. I am so happy there are people in the world with the patience for long term projects because I have completely lost the ability to work on anything that can't be wrapped up in a week. Lord knows most art is not created in a week or less :o).

    BTW, the best I can figure, the spool is just so old (maybe 10 years?) that the plastic totally rotted. Weirdest thing ever.


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