I Dream of Stripes! {and other pretty prints}

What does a girl do when she is having a baby, closing on her first home, and moving to a new city in the next three weeks?

Why, wander around the internet looking at fabric of course!  One can only stress about life's uncertainties for so long before needing a bit of textile therapy and moving is always good fun for a sewer's imagination.  Whatever the budget, one can quite happily wile away an evening dreaming about stitching a few things for the new place.

The home we are buying has plenty of that thing called "potential" and I have my sights set on this fabric as a jumping off point for the basement play room.

And by "I've got my sights set" I mean something along the lines of "Which limb should I sell to get my hands on a bolt?"  But then I recall how much easier nursing is with two arms and how much more practical it is to move a household of five (or six!) with both legs and I content myself with gazing upon its striped goodness from afar and thinking about how awesome it could be to transform this fine specimen of rec room...

...into something a tad less bingo-hall-er-ific and a tad more stylish and colorful.  

For other rooms and purposes I'm digging these lovely designs as well:

Curtains.  Oh curtains.

As we like to say in our household "Someday when I'm older..." I'll find an extra penny in my budget for some pretty prints!  In the meantime, it's awfully fun to window shop.

Do you have home decor sewing on your New Year's agenda?  Do share!  I'm game for anything to distract me from my growing belly, shrinking bladder, maddening mortgage broker, and recent banishment from caffeine!


  1. Christmas quilts! So that next year, simply making the bed will transform three rooms instantly into decorated for Christmas!

    1. Oooh, that will be lovely! I didn't know you quilt. No time like the present to get started...while the Christmas prints are on sale!

    2. I'll have to show you the big quilt I'm still working on. It's pretty sentimental, so it is literally taking years, but Christmas quilts will be 'stitch in the ditch' and finished quickly!


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