Five Favorites (Vol. 2)

How about a bit of link up fun???


Whitney Pants Sewing Pattern

What a cutie pie!
I just heard about this company and already I can't wait for an excuse to stop window shopping and begin collecting their sweet patterns for my two little girlies.   


Anything the wise interwebs have to say on the topic sheers!

Go here to learn a super smart tip for sewing seams on sheer fabrics from those awesome people over at BurdaStyle.  I'm about to embark on a major sheer fabric project and I'm looking for all the help I can get.  


Guess what I need?  One of those fancy shmancy laundry know...the kind with windows in them and other such wonders, because I am totally itching to buy some Wash Day cottons and whip up some fun curtains and basket liners.  Irons and clothespins and polka dots, oh my!


The fact that this fabric even exists.

The thought that there are still places where fabric is created at the level of art makes me smile.  What I wouldn't give to touch a bolt of superfine Italian suit wool!  (And I just have to point out the price tag because, holy moly, at $279.99 per yard, now we know why some suits cost more than my college education!)


Sewing adventurously.

Ms. Sunni over at A Fashionable Stitch put together this sexy little slip and it got me to thinking about how happy I would feel giving my hard earned money to a specialty fabric shop instead of the nearest lingerie mega store.  And oh the pretty possibilities ;).


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