10 Foot Circle Garland {Needle & thREAD}

This counts as sewing right?

Have you seen these circle garlands all over Pinterest & Etsy?  I finally had the chance to give one a try and it was even more painless and easy than I thought.  So painless and easy, in fact, that you really don't need a tutorial.  Trust me.  Punch to your heart's desire and run them through the sewing machine however you darn well please.

Using two pieces of card stock, a 2" circle punch, and multipurpose thread (large stitches), my garland was a little over 10 feet long.  If you are wondering how much paper you need per yard of garland with spaces between the circles, here you go:

  • 1 sheet of (11 x 8.5") paper  =  20 (2") circles.
  • 11 (2") circles sewn approximately 1.5" apart = 1 yard of garland.

I used some cardstock I had on hand.  The punch is one I borrowed from my mother-in-law, but they are about $8.50 if you get them on sale.

Confession, I just let my girls go draw on this garland to make it "pretty."  Wouldn't glitter be fun?  Or gold circles interspersed here and there for a bit of glam?  I plan to make some garlands for a wedding shower in a couple of weeks.  Pictures to follow :o).


I'm linking up with needle & thREAD this fine (and rather chilly) Thursday.  My latest reading adventure was a very short book on parenting called It Doesn't Have To Be This Way by Ginny Seuffert. I picked it up at a conference after hearing the author speak.  Since my oldest is five and we are still establishing...everything?...parenting-wise, I appreciated it.  I need a bit of common sense these days.  And sleep.  I think sleep would significantly improve my parenting :o).

That's it for me today!  Would you like to join in or find out what everyone else is up to?  Head on over to In The Heart Of My Home.

Happy sewing friends!

p.s.  Project(s) update:  I'm stalled out on the gray dress until I have the chance to find a suitable lining fabric.  I'm taking a small break from sewing for my shop while I regroup my household a bit.  And last but not least, bridal gown sewing will recommence in full force in August (the dress is at my mom's and she lives a state away).  This summer is flying by...


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