Five Favorites (Vol. 1)

I'm linking up with Hallie's blog for a bit of favorite-ing fun.

1) Style of skirt to alter:

These are the best!  If you like to do a bit of thrifting like me and generally need to make things smaller, this is the type of skirt to look for: zipper and details (vent) in the center back or center front, a simple silhouette, and forgiving fabric (this one was a loose-weave, wool blend).  I took it down almost four sizes by working on just the side seams.

2)  {Michigan} fabric store:

If you live within a two hour radius of Royal Oak, go there for me sometime, okay?  They have a stunning selection of formal fabrics and everything else you could hope for in a high-end fashion and home dec. fabric store.  I got my lace for my wedding dress there.  Gratuitous wedding dress pictures (albeit the only ones I can find on this computer)...

3) Vintage sewing related possession:

Aren't they fabulous?  They were my grandmother's.  Unfortunately, time has rendered them incapable of "Pinking Perfection" so perhaps it was false advertising?  Here's a picture of my grandmother in her prime:

She modeled a little bit, though I think this was one of those I'm always this awesome photographs.  In a couple of her pictures, she bears a striking resemblance to Jenny Lee in Call the Midwife...

4)  My current favorite tv series that I will probably only get to watch on Netflix and will probably never get to see in it's entirety:

But really, who doesn't like this show right now?  I have to brace myself emotionally to watch it.  You?

5)  And on a final and totally unrelated note.  I. Heart. Zac Brown Band.  Weirdo music videos and all.

The End.

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  1. Over from moxiewife. Such. Great. Favs! And I <3 times a bunch the Zac Brown Band. Sat in the car with perishables just to finish the song yesterday.

  2. Haha! I have totally done the sitting in the car listening to music while the ice cream melts thing! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I completely heart the ZB band, love lace on wedding dresses, and that photograph of your grandma is so cool! Love it.


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