That Skirt Alteration

I sewed! I sewed!

Remember that too big skirt from a while back that I bought at Goodwill?

So sweet of ZouZou to try to make the mirror presentable.
Well, I squeezed in an alteration before Easter.

I wanted to tighten the waistband and shorten the length without taking away the fullness of the skirt.  Sooo.....I cut it shorter at the waist instead of at the hem which I do not at all recommend you do unless (A) you have the tiniest derriere in creation, or  (B) you want to re-do the zipper.

I used another skirt to determine waistband size.
Since I fall under the A category, I was able to take off a couple of inches and shorten the zipper without much fuss.  Well, actually there was a lot of fuss and a wee bit of hair pulling, but let's just keep that between you and me, ey?  In my defense, I had a teething toddler at my heels and Good Friday marked the beginning of two weeks of terrible, epic, no-good sickness in my house.  Time was of the essence!  Also, the outer layer had a million seams and the lining only had two seams per piece.  Gosh I hate math.

Poor sick babies.
Anywho, it all worked out in the end and the likelihood of anyone taking a ruler to my seams is not great, right?

Here it is with a green tee from Old Navy.  On Easter I wore a pink cardigan sweater from Ann Taylor to dress it up a bit.  My camera thinks it's glows with femininity :o). 

Have a great day ya'll!


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