needle and thREAD

I'm linking up to needle and thREAD today for the first time in ages!

needle and thREAD

Working on doll accessories at my place (for my new Etsy shop).  The latest is a colorful backpack.  Might I say how much I adore gloriously bright fabrics???

I'm not sure what I did to create this pattern, but it worked!  Isn't that the fun of sewing from scratch...going where ever the fabric takes you.

This is what would fill up a doll backpack in my house.  Not girly stuff, no, no.  Legos.

And a probably a Flash.  Marbles too.  My girls can't get enough of itty bitty things.

As for the reading, I'm finishing up Steven Pressfield's The War on Art still.  I'm filtering it through my Catholic worldview and finding a lot to chew on.  It's a book I wish I had read during my college years.  Definitely a book to have on your shelf, IMHO.

Thanks for stopping by!  Head over to Elizabeth Foss's place for more needle and thREAD.  You're sure to find sewing inspiration there...


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