needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD
Practical sewing in my house today.  We like pirates around here and my daughter got a pirate costume for her birthday, but she can't stand the elastic in it.  Her words this morning (after sleeping in it), "Get rid of the ruffle, Mom.  It drives me crazy."

This is what I did:

Same look, less crazy. More comfortable for 24 hour wear?

As for books, I picked up my sister-in-law's new book Berry Creek Secrets.  She's in the midst of creating and illustrating a series of books for Catholic girls and publishing it herself through Amazon and  When I started the book, I could barely take it in I was so nervous.  I mean, I know the author and I am anxious for her success.

Now that I've loosened up a bit, I'm enjoying the banter of the characters and seeing my sister-in-law's personality come out through her writing.  Way to go Sascha!


For more needle and thREAD head on over to Elizabeth Foss's place and check out her post and comments.  If you blog, join in.


  1. How cool that your SIL wrote a book! I like the looks of it. I love how you can easily self-publish now through Amazon. I've read a few other good books that were self-published....Joy in the Ordinary was one of them. By Teresa Fisher.

  2. You're right, it is cool! Self-publishing is one of those things people wouldn't have dreamed of not so long ago. And I love that we can read the thoughts of authors on their blogs now.


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