It's Not That I Don't LOVE To Sew

It's just that sometimes you have to do the things that feed your soul and let the other stuff go.  Right now, sewing is on my 'other stuff' list, my let it go for another day list.  And that is okay.  I've learned to chase the peace.  I've learned that it's okay, preferable actually, to be flexible in my pursuits, to focus on what nourishes and inspires me today...

Like finding the best recipe for five dead bananas,  making one final cleaning sweep before my husband comes home,  reading books and blogs about what love really means,  taking pictures of little girls in hand-me-down bathing suits,  soaking in every last summer breeze, playing "Eeeny meeny miny mo" over five pairs of 3T underpants everyday,  relishing the flutter of little boy feet in my belly (while I can still sleep through them), and most of all, feeding on that peace that comes from being where I am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to do.  In my own little way.

Someday, perhaps soon, sewing will be on that 'supposed to be doing' list again and so will blogging about it.  Hmmm.  Maybe just in time for birthdays and holidays?  (I am always fed and inspired by gift giving and special order taking.)  But I'm not worried about all of that right now. For this brief moment, I am nourished and inspired in other ways.  And besides, my sewing machine in an inanimate object. When the time is right, it will be there.  Right where I left it.  (Under a pile of mending I will probably have to get to...if I want to keep the peace.)


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