Slippers, slippers, and more slippers.

For the last few weeks, I've been busy making multiples of these slippers for friends.  It's fun, fun, fun!  I'm making some for profit and some as gifts.  I draft my own patterns, and have sized them from an infant size two to about a child's size nine.

If you remember, I tried making something similar a while back -- Hospital Booties Turned Super Hero Booties.  When a friend mentioned that she was having a hard time finding larger sizes of this style of slipper, I attempted to up-size and gave her a pair as a gift.  They have worked out great!  I use slipper 'grippie' fabric for the sole (available at fabric stores), layers of cotton batting to make them warm, and soft flannel to line them.  After washing the 'Super Hero' booties, I learned that cotton does not hold up well, so I switched to corduroy.   

To test out the larger size, I made my three-year-old a pair.  She loves them and they are the only type of slipper she'll keep on!

Send me a message if you want to place an order...


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